1. The guarantee period covers 2 years and begins the day the customer accepts the product.

  2. Claims against regards a manufacture guarantee are legally excluded. Requirements in line with a manufacturer guarantee can only be claimed against the manufacturer and not

  3. The guarantee is not valid against wear and tear caused by normal daily use of a product.

  4. Should a product be faulty or damaged then is entitled to choose either to provide a repair or remedy of the fault, or a replacement product. If is not able to repair the problem or provide a replacement or the time taken to carry this out is longer than the appropriate time period expected then the customer is entitled to cancel his purchase or to ask for an appropriate reduction from the retail price.

  5. If a warranty claim should occur on a product ordered online, the customer can return it to the contact address provided. Should it arise that the product does not have a fault that falls under warranty then will bill the customer the costs of carrying out a warranty claim and returning the product to the customer.